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1st-Feb-2011 09:21 am - No Class Day
jun think

I’ve finally reached the limit of the loooooong hiatus from blogging. Yeah, for a lazy ass like me, that’s not a new thing. Retracing back from my last post, the work dilemma is way over. I’ve pawned an online teaching job in an English learning center around here. It’s so near my house that it’s only a 5-10 minute drive – that’s minus the traffic jam.

Going back to blogging, this won’t probably be a regular thing though. I only have very few classes today and two of my students applied for “no class.” So, yeah. I really don’t have anything to do today. And the vacation bug is catching up on me already. Since I’m teaching Korean students, Lunar New Year is celebrated here in the office. That’s three days off! Ooooh~ I’m seeing my bed, lotsa foods and sleepless nights because of movie marathons.

I wonder which movie I should see first. Anyway, I need to go back to work and work on some slides.


26th-Nov-2009 11:03 am(no subject)
jun heart
I've been waiting for this for weeks! I've got nothing much to say but swoon over Arashi in 2D form of the single's cover. I love my sister for buying me one and my good friend for pre-ordering it and personally delivering it to me last night. And it's just in time of Riidaa's birthday. ^____^

It's a bad thing though that my sister's cam hasn't come yet, so I only have my phone to take picture of it. My phone's cam has only 1.3 MP, that's why the photos are blurry. It's even too dumb to focus.

And the package comes with a cute japan mini.

But before I end this post, I want to celebrate Riidaa's day! <3

scan credit: sng
6th-Sep-2009 07:33 pm - Classroom myths and my bad timing
jun heart
And so, it's already September and yet I haven't posted this amateur photo to celebrate my ichiban's birthday. Well, aside from being such a crammer, I also am a failure as a fangirl. I even forgot where I got this scan, so whoever this is from and you see this, just please tell me. ^_^

Teaching is one helluva jobCollapse )
28th-Jul-2009 10:37 am - Nine Punctures to the Hand
Madame Foster
I was eating my breakfast already when I remember my dream, which is really one weird dream. I was in church and then someone came walking the aisle with a full-body suit and face mask. Next, a whole team of nurses and doctors came in the sanctuary out of nowhere. A nurse approached me and put a mask on my face. THEN, just then, Yamada Yuu in a nurse outfit suddenly was beside me with an injection in her hand. It was probably an AH1N1 vaccine, I'm not really sure. She knelt down, took my hand and started injecting it to my hand, which is another weird thing because they usually inject fluid to the shoulder or butt. I tell you, that was painful. She injected me nine times and then, I woke up to my alarm. I can still feel the sting in my hand or, probably, my brain still thinks of the feeling of the needle's punctures.

I didn't go to school today, because all my uniforms are still wet. I should've checked them last night, that was so stupid of me. It's a good thing that my class will only have a quiz today, so maybe my critique teacher wouldn't be so mad at me for being absent today. At the very least, I can rest today.
29th-Jun-2009 11:36 pm - New Faces of Arashi
jun heart
I just watched tonight's shukudai, which is another "okane ga nai SP." This time they did Aiba's Sugoroku again and nothing but baka-ness surely ensued. As usual, they have a comedian as guest, it's Fukawa Ryo this time. The rule for not reaching the goal stays the same - they will all be wearing their favorite, according to Aiba, NIPPLE TSHIRT! 

The boardgame was filled with new punishments which, I must say, took Arashi's fashion to a new level. XDDD

Make over the Arashi wayCollapse )

 punishmentsCollapse )

In the end, Aiba a.k.a. Miracle Boy reached the goal and won. And as punishment for the others, they will wear the infamous nipple tshirt.

Nipples, nipples, and more nipples...Collapse )


And now, I sleep.
24th-Jun-2009 09:23 pm - ありがとうな~
jun heart

Aki-san, you really have helped me big time about that message. You're one of the kindest person I've ever met and I hope I can return the favor someday. And the least I can do is to give you this wonderful face to brighten your day. sorry, I'm an amateur in photo editing. ^_^

scan by: sanita

18th-Jun-2009 11:48 am - お誕生日おめでとうニノ
jun heart
To my favorite brat in the world who never grows old...

scan by: sanita

10th-Jun-2009 10:01 pm - I'm Alive
jun heart

I just want to post something random just so to let my friends know I'm still alive.

My bum life's gonna be over soon and school's starting next week. Actually, school should've started last monday but due to the ah1n1 issue, classes will start next week. Epidemics and viruses aren't a good thing, but I can't help feeling happy when it means that I won't have to go to school too soon.

Yeah, I'm one shallow being.

Still, this sem will be one of the best sems of my college life, because it's gonna be my last. I REALLY want to finish school so much and graduate. My college life should have ended a long time ago, but due to various <strike>IRRITATING/CAN'T-BE-HELPED</strike> circumstances, I've been stucked in this situation.

Anyway, on to another random sidenote. I want to see Atadan episode 9. I wonder if I'll be seeing more of this.


I hope I do. *crosses fingers*
15th-May-2009 09:32 am - DoS - King of Super Mario
jun heart
I never thought watching someone play Super Mario would be so nerve-wracking. I watched Himitsu no Arashi-chan last night as they conclude the King Of Mario battle. It was a Jun vs Nino fight. And would have thought that Jun would win over the gamer of Arashi.

Yes, Jun won the fight. Yay! XD *showers confetti*

celebrate, Jun beat Nino in super mario...Collapse )

15th-May-2009 07:30 am - Where did my summer go?
jun think
It's so nice to wake up in the morning and not in the afternoon. It's very refreshing actually.  ^_^

Yes, I know this is not something new and waking up in the morning is the most natural thing to do in the world. But this summer vacation and the internet is turning me into some kind of mad insomniac or you could say the worst nocturnal state I have ever been.

How NOT to spend summerCollapse )

School would also feel less of a happy place than it used to be, because some of my friends won't be there anymore. Some of them have already graduated this April and it is really sad not to see them. *tear*

Setting aside my failure rants...

...two American idols have finally landed on our country - David Cook and David Archuleta. I am really not a big fan of American Idol, more like a BIG FAN of Johnny's Idols *lol*, but I'll be going to their concert. My friend bought tickets and she's giving me one. I so love freebies.

But serioulsly, as a fellow fangirl - she loves David Cook - I'm going to sincerely support her. ^_^

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